How will you get help if you’re alone? With Alert1’s Classic Home Medical Alert, you can get the help you need with the simple press of a button. When you press your help button, you will quickly be connected to a US-based operator at the Alert1 Command Center. We make sure that you get the help you need, and we stay on the line with you until that help arrives. With Alert1, you will never be alone. 
 Push the button, get connected to our 24/7 Command Center
 You decide who we call in an emergency 
600 ft. range
Showerproof button 
 Works with a landline

Medical Response Monitoring
Belle +
Today's seniors are maintaining more of their independence than ever, Melinda’s Medical Supply is introducing Belle +, mobile medical alert pendant. This lightweight, shower-proof pendant uses a built-in AT&T SIM card to place emergency calls from both inside and outside your home. After pressing the call button you'll be connected to a operator within moments who can do everything from send an emergency services to calling one of your friends or family members. Try Belle + for the more mobile user, complete with emergency locating capabilities in areas with cellular coverage.