Tens Units
Digital Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) system is indicated to be used under a physician’s prescription for: symptomatic relief , management of chronic (long term pain), and treatment of post-operative and post-traumatic pain  Included: TENS unit, molded carrying case, instructions and accessories (four electrodes and lead wires).

Pain Management
Tens Electrodes
2"X2" Square Comfortable and conforming Tan Cloth with TENStrode Gel for Maximum Reusability (approximately 10-20 uses), Tamper-evident resealable 4/pack, 
Tens Electrodes
TENS Unit 42" Leadwire Set.Right angle female socket to dual .08" male pin connectors. Does not fit EMPI units. SET-2.
Biofreeze Pain Reliever is excellent for temporary relief of minor: Muscle Sprains, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Strains, Hip, Ankle, Joint, and Knee Discomfort. 3oz roll-on: Provides a number of unique features. The roller ball allows for product application without the need to use your hands also providing a nice massage for soft tissue wherever you apply product, and can be used in trigger point therapy.
Pure Wave Massager

Muscle and tendon pain melt away under the healing touch of the CM7. The powerful percussion head penetrates deep into muscle tissue to relieve pain and speed muscle recovery. The speed dial also lets you dial back the intensity, to treat sore tendons and joints. The handle of the CM7 houses a second, microvibration massager that pulses at 10,000 vibrations per minute. Ideal for facial massage, and for relieving jaw pain and tension headaches. Compact and cordless, the CM7 fits easily into a backpack or suitcase. So you can take professional-grade massage wherever life takes you. Two massagers in one, for percussion and microvibration therapy. Best-in-class power for deep tissue massage (3,700 RPM). Dissolves painful muscle knots and adhesions. Improves circulation and speeds muscle recovery. Soothes inflamed joints and tendons. Relieves tension in the jaw and temples. 1.75 pounds. Approximate dimensions 16.5"L x 2.75"W x 4"H